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                            Image intro
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                            Image header mobile
                            Titre page

                            A family -owned business

                            Texte intro

                            A family-owned, independent, and international business, our history has been written for more than half a century and we intend to write it for a long time to come. We have chosen to link our success to that of other family-owned businesses around the world. Together, we form a network that lives and grows through the quality of its partnerships, common growth objectives and the strength of human connections established over time.

                            Titre histoire

                            Over 60 years of history

                            Frise chronologique
                            1965 - 1975

                            Founding of The Monarch Beverage Company in Atlanta - USA by Franck?Amstrong.?Acquisition of a portfolio of "Nostalgic US CSD Brands".?Development of the franchise business with independent bottlers.

                            1976 - 1998

                            Expansion of the "Overseas" franchise bottling network, notably with the BUBBLE UP and KICKAPOO brands.?Development of the "Private Label" activity in the United States and Latin America with the concept of "Premium Retail Brand".

                            1999 - 2007

                            Purchase of the company by Jacques BOMBAL allied with a group of French investors.?Growth of the international network of franchisees and first African partnerships.?Development of the AMERICAN COLA, PLANET, RUSH ENERGY, and REAKTOR brands.

                            2008 - 2009

                            Sale of North American and European activities and strategic redeployment in emerging countries and toward brand franchising.?Majority takeover by Jacques BOMBAL and the team.?Operational management transfer to Paris.

                            2010 - 2020

                            Strong development of activities in emerging countries centered around 16 international brands offered in Africa, the Middle East, South America, and South East Asia.?Establishment of an exclusive network of franchisees in more than 40 countries.

                            2021 ...

                            Extension of the bottling network. Incvreased market share in CSD and Energy drinks. Development of new brands in the healthy segments such as : juice drinks, flavoured and enhanced water, tea, Ready-To-Drink Tea,?functional drinks¡­


                            Titre franchise

                            Our value generating franchise solutions

                            Texte franchise

                            Monarch Beverages¡¯ franchise model is a concentrate of efficiency and growth. We provide each of our partners with international expertise and relevant strategies. We allow them to compete with the world's leading brands in their regional market, with powerful alternatives and major competitive advantages. We allow them to maintain their independence while offering an international alliance and a strong network to ensure their long-term development.

                            Vid¨¦o franchise
                            Video file
                            Titre vision

                            Our vision

                            Texte vision

                            We believe in brands that grow by staying close to consumers, their tastes, needs and expectations.

                            We believe in the power of personalized relationships with our franchisees and in the sustainability of our common growth.

                            In fast-growing national and regional markets, we are forging a new path and making a lasting commitment to enjoyment and well-being.

                            Image vision
                            Notre vision